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CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine- Get Easily Cut The Paperboard Or Cardboard


The CNC cardboard cutting machine is ideal for office and home use, it’s easy to operate. The glass disc makes the cutting more precise. This machine can cut every paperboard into different sizes like square, triangle, rectangle, circle, and any other shape you want. It will make your life easier, let you get a paperboard.

What is Laser Cutting and How Does it Work?

Laser cutting is a subtractive manufacturing technology that uses a high-power laser beam to cut flat-sheet materials. A computer directs this laser to follow the cutting line in your digital design. The high-precision laser vaporizes a cut line through the material, leaving a 90-degree high-quality cut edge finish.

Laser cutting is both more precise and less energy-consuming than plasma cutting but has an upper threshold on the thickness of the material being cut.

cnc cardboard cutting machine
cnc cardboard cutting machine

A beam of laser light is created when electricity is passed through a gas, usually CO2. This beam of light is then focused through a lens (or mirror) to create an extremely heat-concentrated spot on the surface of the material being cut. The heat instantly vaporizes the material in its path, creating an extremely clean edge that requires little finishing.

CO2 Mainly used for cutting materials like wood, plastic, paper, and fabric, the CO2 laser is the most common type of laser cutter

The CO2 wavelength is 10600nm (nanometers) which is invisible to the human eye. The beam of light is created by discharging a large amount of electricity through a small tube filled with gas (which can be either carbon dioxide, helium, or nitrogen). The laser beam moves back and forth across the material to be cut and melts it at each pass.

The advantage of using this type of laser cutter is that it works well with a wide variety of materials: acrylics, cardboard, foam, glass, leather, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), metal sheeting, and paper.

CO2 lasers do not work well with reflective materials such as brass and copper.

Why Choose CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine?

CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine has such advantages:

1. It has a strong structural design with high stability and tightness;

2. The machine tool frame adopts an integrated structure with high rigidity;

3. Oil-water separation of the oil tank ensures that the oil path does not pollute the environment;

4. The electronic system adopts an internationally advanced operating system to ensure stable operation and high reliability;

5. The electric drive uses a closed-loop control system to ensure accurate positioning of the servo motor;

6. CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine uses a high-performance industrial computer as its host, which has strong expansion ability and better human-computer interaction interface;

7. It is a good way to protect the environment by using a CNC Cardboard Cutting Machine to cut cardboard instead of burning it;

CNC cardboard cutting machine can be used to cut paperboard.

CNC cardboard cutting machine can be used to cut paperboard. With the development of engineering and technology, CNC cardboard cutting machine has also been widely used in various industries. In the past, it was mainly used for the processing of metal materials such as steel plates and copper plates, but now it is widely used in the processing of non-metal materials such as wood boards, paperboard, rubber plate, and PVC plate.

The use of a CNC cardboard cutting machine is not only a good way to improve work efficiency, but also a good way to reduce labor costs. The use of CNC cardboard cutting machines can reduce the number of workers by nearly 60%, reducing labor costs. At present, more and more enterprises are using CNC cardboard cutting machines in order to reduce production costs.

With the development of industry, enterprises choose high-speed CNC equipment to replace manual operation, which is not only beneficial to improve production efficiency, save manpower and material resources, but also reduce production costs and improve product quality. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend for industrial enterprises to use high-speed CNC equipment to replace manual operations.

The Cutting speed of a CNC machine is much faster than that of a manual machine.

Modern CNC machines are capable of running at much higher speeds than their manual counterparts. This is because they do not rely on a human operator to perform the repetitive movements that are required to machine parts. Rather, CNC machines are guided by computer programs that control the movement of the head and tooling in a very precise way.

Because CNC machines operate using digital commands and with high precision, they can be programmed to move in three dimensions and cut parts with complex geometries. These capabilities mean that CNC machining is often much faster than manual machining. When compared to manual machining, CNC machining can be up to 100 times faster for some operations.

The time savings become even greater when we take into account the fact that manual machines require an operator’s attention at all times, while a CNC machine can be left unattended to work on multiple parts simultaneously.

The CNC cardboard cutting machine can be used to cut paperboard or cardboard with the features of high speed and accuracy.

The CNC cardboard cutting machine can be used to cut paperboard or cardboard with features of high speed and accuracy. The cutting plotter is widely used in toy manufacturing, packaging industry, etc.

The development trend of the toy industry is constantly changing. It not only requires high quality products but also fast delivery time. At present, many enterprises have adopted advanced machinery to ensure that their products are competitive in the market.

In order to meet the needs of the market, Senfeng Technology has developed a CNC paper cutter to help customers improve efficiency and reduce costs. It is a tool for the automatic cutting of corrugated boxes and paperboard boxes. The cutting machine can be used as a CNC die-cutting machine, and can also be used as a laser die-cutting machine.

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