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Are you considering purchasing a 12 axis cnc milling machine? This can be a bit confusing if you haven’t experienced it before. We’re here to help cut through the jargon and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Over the years we’ve been helping our customers with their questions and issues so they can get on with manufacturing their products. 12 axis cnc machines are inherently more complex than the average machine, so understandably there may be some lingering questions which aren’t answered by your machine supplier. We answer these questions for potential buyers on an ongoing basis, so this article should cut down your learning curve.

What is a 12 axis cnc milling machine?

A 12-axis CNC milling machine is a computer controlled device with the ability to turn and rotate raw materials into machined parts with extreme precision. The cnc milling machine 12 axis has twelve axes of movement, three primary and nine secondary. The primary axes are the X, Y, and Z axes.

The X axis is what moves the material from left to right. The Y axis moves the material forward and backward and the Z axis moves the material up and down.

The nine secondary axes move in a circular or spherical motion on multiple planes at one time. These secondary axes are normally controlled by five-axis hardware/software solutions, which add three additional axes of control to your machine while utilizing two of your existing servo motors.

The 12-axis machine can move in all directions while still being able to rotate around the X-, Y-, and Z-axes simultaneously. This leaves you with 11 different types of movements, which gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to creating your designs or various machining tasks that need to be completed.

How does a 12 axis cnc milling machine work?

A 12-axis CNC milling machine has the ability to move a part or cutting tool along 12 different axes simultaneously. For example, a part could be spun along one axis while being rotated along another. The actual number of independent axes is determined by the control system on the machine, and each axis is labeled using a standard set of letters.

Each axis on a CNC milling machine can move independently and simultaneously in 3 different directions. These movements are known as linear movements and they are paired with rotational movements to achieve the desired effect of machining a part.

The X, Y and Z axes on a CNC milling machine represent the linear movements within the work envelope (the area in which you can work). The X axis represents side-to-side movement, or that of the table moving toward and away from you. The Y axis represents front-to-back movement, or that of the table moving left to right in front of you. The Z axis represents up-and-down movement, or that of the spindle moving up and down in the headstock.

What are the benefits of having a 12 axis cnc milling machine?

The 12 axis milling machine has a wide range of functions compared with the traditional CNC milling machine. The main feature is to increase the rotation of the horizontal milling and head on the two parts, but also increase the linear sliding function in the vertical plane.

1. First of all, the accuracy is high. The CNC machining center can process the parts to meet the requirements after a few processing, while the ordinary machine tool needs several processes to complete the processing and then use the measurement tool to check whether it meets the requirements. Because of this, the precision of CNC machining has been greatly improved, which is especially suitable for batch processing of complex size parts with high precision requirements.

2. The productivity is high: because the CNC machine tool can realize automatic processing, automatic feeding and unloading, greatly reduce the number of operators, improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity. At present, there are many works that can be completed by one person in one day in small and medium-sized factories, but now it takes only one or two hours to complete them by using CNC machining center equipment. In addition, some repetitive work can be automated by computer programs.

3. The working condition is good: because most of the NC machining centers adopt enclosed protection structure without cutting fluid pollution, it not only improves production conditions but also reduces environmental pollution. At foreign advanced factories, especially in developed countries such as Japan and Germany.

How to set up a 12 axis cnc milling machine

12 axis cnc milling machine is a very common type of cnc machine, because it can process products with more complicated structures.

So how should 12 axis cnc milling machine be set up?

Step 1: CNC controller set up

We need to set up a cnc controller first. Because the cnc controller determines the accuracy of the entire machine tool, we need to carefully configure it.

If you want to know more information about cnc controllers, you can click here.

Step 2: CNC motor setting

For each axis, you need to configure the motor parameters such as motor type and acceleration value.

In addition, the settings of each motor should be consistent with each other. If you have any questions about these settings, please contact us for help.

Step 3: Configure the limit switch and emergency stop switch

The software needs to be able to respond quickly when an emergency occurs so that it can quickly stop or even reverse its course to avoid damage or danger. This will ensure that both the operator and the workpiece are safe.

Benefits of a 12 axis cnc milling machine over a 5 axis cnc milling machine

5 axis cnc milling machines are good for certain jobs but due to their limited scope their efficiency can be outweighed by the amount of time it takes to complete a part. 12 axis cnc milling machines can perform 5 axis movements, in addition to rotary movements, which allow you to use the entire tooling surface, this process ensures that you are not leaving any empty space and is therefore more efficient.

12 axis cnc milling machines maximize efficiency by using all three planes of motion (XYZ) and all six degrees of freedom to quickly execute your design and produce a finished part. This ability allows for a part to be completed significantly faster than on a 5 axis cnc machine, which only uses 3 planes of motion and 3 degrees of freedom. This increase in speed is the result of being able to move the tool over the full face of the workpiece without repositioning the part or rotating it to another angle.

1. It can be used to create complex shapes, making it a better option than the traditional 5 axis CNC milling machines. These machines are used to create a variety of shapes and sizes in different machined parts. It is recommended to hire an experienced machine operator to get the best results from these machines.

2. The 12 axis CNC milling machine is capable of producing more complex parts than its counterpart, which allows you to easily complete parts in a single operation. This reduces the number of setups required for operation and also saves time and energy.

3. 12 axis CNC milling machines can be used for a variety of operations such as boring, drilling, reaming, tapping, turning, etc., making it suitable for different industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical equipment manufacturing and more.

4. It offers higher accuracy than other types of CNC milling machines, which helps improve the quality of machined parts produced by using this machine. It is also known to produce precise results at high speeds without compromising on precision.

Top 12 axis cnc milling machines manufacturers

With so many axis cnc milling machines brands on the market today it is hard to narrow down your choices and determine which one fits your needs. You want to make sure you have the best. After doing research online we came up with this list of the top 12 axis cnc milling machines manufacturers. These are companies that provide not only quality machines but also offer outstanding customer service and helpful staff.

EvoDECO 12 axis cnc milling machines

Evodeco 12 axis CNC milling machines are built to offer the most accurate and precise parts production. Our range of high-speed Evodeco mills is second to none, and offers a machine solution for every application.

We offer our clients the opportunity to purchase or rent any of our Evodeco 12 axis CNC milling machines. We can also provide a wide range of tooling and accessories from our extensive warehouse in North London.

Evodeco is a brand that has been built on an ethos of creating high quality products at affordable prices. All our mills are manufactured to an exceptional standard and come with the latest technology as standard.

Our 12 axis CNC milling machines are used by companies around the world to produce precision parts quickly and accurately. They have a wide range of applications in such industries as automotive, aerospace, construction, marine, defence, electronics and many more.

Quadra 12 axis cnc milling machines

Quadra 12 is a 5 axis milling machine with 12 interpolated controlled axes. The structure of the Quadra 12 is built to ensure maximum precision, rigidity and durability over time. The structure has been made with high-strength cast iron, stress relieved at 50°C for 18 hours to ensure stability and the absence of deformation.

The work area has been made in order to be able to work large size items, up to Ø 1600 mm, thanks to the use of a 4-meter tilting rotary table.

The Quadra 12 is equipped with the latest generation Heidenhain TNC 620 control system. With this new control system you can easily make all types of machining: 2D / 3D drilling, milling, boring and threading operations or any type of hole using the CAD CAM software.

huron 12 axis cnc milling machines

The HURON GRAFFENSTADEN cnc machine tool manufacturer has developed the Mx12 range of 12 axis CNC milling machines. These include the MU6300 and MMx12 with travels of up to 3000mm x 1100mm x 1050mm, or 6600mm x 1100mm x 1050mm.

The Mx12 range is designed for high speed 3D machining with a rigid cast iron construction and a cross roller rail system on all axes. This makes the machines ideal for mould, die and aerospace markets.

12 axis cnc milling machine

The cnc milling machine 12 axis can be an automated production equipment, which can be applied to non-automated companies. The advantages are obvious: high efficiency, accuracy, the machine maintenance is convenient and economic. In brief, a very versatile production machine.

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