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4 axis cnc milling machine


A 4 axis CNC milling is a great tool to have when you want to create complex parts and pieces, while saving time. They are often used in manufacturers that must create custom designed components. You’ll be able to save money by only having to purchase one machine that can cut or mill out any shapes that are required. These machines are often able to create a wide variety of different types of products.

What is 4 axis mini cnc milling machine?

4 axis cnc milling is an extension of the 3 axis cnc mill. Instead of just moving the workpiece in two directions (X and Y), and then cutting, with 4th Axis machining, the workpiece can also move in the Z direction. This allows you to do a variety of things.

A 4th axis can be mounted to a CNC Milling Machine to turn parts on their side and make cuts along the circumference of the part. You can mount a vice or fixture onto it and make pockets or bolt holes around a cylinder. You can engrave or emboss letters or numbers around a cylinder. The possibilities are almost limitless.

4 axis cnc milling machine

4 axis cnc milling machine components

You can’t be in the milling business and not know 4 axis cnc milling machine components. These products are what allow machines to do some amazing things by gathering data from each of the individual axes. When you have anyone creating or selling a CNC machine, they are a must have in the design. There is more to them than just 4 axis cnc milling machine components too.

4 axis cnc milling machine Tombstone

The tombstone is a fixture that is used to hold the work pieces with 2 or more sides in machining centers and CNC milling machines. The tombstone is made of materials such as cast iron and aluminum alloy.

It has many advantages, including high rigidity, low cost, large space for clamping work piece, easy installation, etc. It can be applied to mechanical processing, mold processing and other fields.

Tombstone of Horizontal CNC Machine

4 axis cnc milling machine Chucks

4 axis cnc milling machine Chucks are regarded as the best choice of such tools. They are designed after considering the needs of the customers and market. They are available in many different sizes. The main purpose of these tools is to hold the work piece by locking it on some surface or end. There are various types of chucks available in the market, which can be used for various purposes.

Chucks can be used in many different ways and they are constructed using various materials such as iron, steel and brass. There are various advantages of using these tools over other types of tools. They can hold the work pieces firmly without causing any damage to them. In addition to this, they can also be used for very heavy duty applications where high torque is required for holding the work pieces firmly.

CNC Machining Lathe Chuck

4 axis cnc milling machine Vise

The 4th axis is controlled by the spindle of the CNC milling machine. The three-axis can be moved by the hand wheel or remote control, and the fourth axis can be moved at the same time. Place a workpiece on the fixture, rotate it to a suitable position, and fix it with screws, then load the program into CNC system.

4 Axis Vertical CNC Machining Vise

What are the types of 4-axis CNC milling machines?

CNC milling machines are used for the manufacture of precision parts in series manufacturing. They have a wider variety of applications than 3-axis milling machines, and therefore there are more types of 4-axis CNC lathes on the market.

desktop 4 axis cnc milling machine

Desktop 4 axis cnc milling machine is used for the simple processing and sample making of the soft metal. The main body of the machine is made of aluminium alloy, which has good rigidity and light weight. Equipped with the stepping motor, it can realize the processing of the curve surface.

The three axis cutting head can realize the cutting of curve surface by using G code to control the movement of X Y Z. The fourth axis can be added according to customer’s requirements. It is a simple and efficient machining tool for small workpieces.

4 axis cnc vertical milling machine

Our 4 axis CNC vertical milling machine is with high quality and best price.Our company has a lot of advanced skillful engineers, they have rich experiences in the development and design of 4 axis CNC vertical milling machine, they can make your products more stable and beneficial.

The 4 axis CNC vertical milling machine is with high precision and accuracy, you do not need to worry about the quality. The 4 axis CNC vertical milling machine has the advantages of high-speed spindle, fast tool change, high efficiency, low labor intensity and so on. Our 4 axis CNC vertical milling machine can satisfy you very much.

4 axis mini cnc milling machine

The 4 axis mini cnc milling machine is also known as a table top milling machine with a 4th axis. It has an adjustable bed that allows you to adjust the height of the table and the angle of the rotary head. The 4 axis mini cnc milling machine is very easy to use, it does not require any tools or special skills.

You just need to turn on the power, adjust the speed and start your operation. The 4 axis mini cnc milling machine is ideal for small projects like jewelry making, hobby work and more.

4 Axis CNC milling Machining Advantages

1. Reducing the set-up time

The 4th axis of CNC milling machine can make the workpiece clamping only once, to achieve the processing requirements of multiple surfaces, thereby reducing the time for machine loading and unloading and tool setting, so as to obtain higher processing efficiency.

2. Improve machining precision

The 4th axis of CNC milling machine can make the workpiece clamping only once, to achieve the processing requirements of multiple surfaces, thereby reducing the time for machine loading and unloading and tool setting, so as to obtain higher processing efficiency.

3. Improve machining accuracy

CNC milling machine is a multi-axis control, which can achieve the same effect as 3-axis linkage. The fourth axis of the CNC milling machine is generally selected as the rotary table. The difference between 3-axis machining and 4-axis machining is that it adds an indexing motion to the three axis motion. That is, the workpiece will rotate around an axis perpendicular to the machining plane.

It is best to express this using a rotating part as an example. With a 4-axis CNC milling machine, you can use a positive and negative cutter to rough and finish at one time. At the same time, when finishing with a knife, you can use a positive knife for cutting and a negative knife for fine finishing. Machining accuracy can be improved by more than 50%. Since there are many parts that need to be clamped once, the fixation problem caused by clamping multiple times during 3-axis machining can also be completely avoided.

4. Reduce tool wear

4 axis CNC milling can greatly reduce the tool wear rate, which is very important for tool makers.

As the 4th axis of the machine moves parts along with them, there is no need to change the position of the tool. This greatly reduces the number of times that the tool needs to be changed. In addition, a fixed tool on a 3-axis machine may need to be replaced several times during a work cycle, while a complex shape generated by a 4-axis machine only requires one or two tools due to shorter machining time and less tool wear.

Positional (3+1 Axis) vs Simultaneous (True 4 Axis)

The terms 3+1 Axis and True 4 Axis are used to describe two different methods of controlling a CNC milling machine.

3+1 Axis: The 3 in 3+1 refers to the three primary axis of a traditional CNC milling machine, which are the X, Y, and Z axes. The 1 in 3+1 refers to the axis that rotates around the X-axis, also sometimes referred to as A-axis.

True 4 Axis: A true 4 axis machine is capable of rotating its table or tool head in two directions (the A-axis and B-axis), allowing for more complex multi-side machining operations.

Why Choose 4 Axis CNC Machining?

4 axis CNC machining is significantly different from the standard 3 axis CNC machine. As the name suggests, this type of machinery is equipped with a fourth axis. This added axis allows the machine to work on multiple sides of an object, which can be extremely beneficial depending on your project.

When you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, it’s important to know exactly what you’ll need. Here are some benefits you may get out of 4 axis machining:

1. Time Efficiency

In general, the more sides a CNC machine can work on at once, the faster it will be able to complete the job. This efficiency comes in handy when you’re dealing with large projects that need to be completed quickly and efficiently.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Four axis machining saves both time and money by improving efficiency and allowing for larger production runs. Because of this, 4 axis machining can often eliminate the need for multiple smaller machines that would otherwise do the same job. If your business requires a lot of work done on multiple sides of an object, investing in 4-axis machining could be a great way to save money in the long run.

4 Axis CNC milling Machining

Best 4 axis cnc milling machine suppliers

The best 4 axis cnc milling machine suppliers are always a good place to start when you are looking for products. With the broad selection of 4 axis cnc milling machine supplies on the market these days, it pays to do your research beforehand.

Vevor 3040

The Vevor 3040 4 axis cnc milling machine is a powerful rocker arm structure, the working table is stronger than the ordinary lathe and has greater load-bearing capacity.

The structure of the whole machine is simple and reasonable, and it can be operated with one person. The spindle speed can be controlled by changing the pulley, which meets the processing requirements of different materials.

The lathe can process hardwood, stone, metal and other materials. It can be used for carving seal, badge, watch case, medical equipment parts, glasses frame, handicrafts and other various processing.

It’s widely used in small factories and personal use. It’s an advanced device which is suitable for machining various products such as woodworking, advertising signs and crafts engraving.

Forsun FS4040

FS4040 4 axis cnc machine is a kind of 4 axis cnc router. This engraving machine adopts the 4 axis design that greatly increases the machining range and workpiece processing capacity.

The rotary shaft can realize three-dimensional machining, so that the sculpting space is unlimited, and the workpiece can be processed from multiple angles. And it is also a hot selling product in our company.

StyleCNC STM6090

StyleCNC STM6090 4 axis cnc milling machine is designed for processing various arts and crafts, mold making, woodworking, advertising signs, relief, badges and other industries. According to the actual needs of users, it can be equipped with different configurations to achieve high efficiency and low cost.

StyleCNC STM6090 4 axis cnc milling machine is a professional CNC equipment for 4 axis CNC router applications. It is equipped with a water-cooled spindle, which has strong power and long service life. The lathe bed has good stability and high speed. It has good performance when processing parts with complex surfaces and contours.

The mechanical structure of StyleCNC STM6090 4 axis cnc milling machine is welded by high-quality steel plates, and the structural components are processed by gantry milling machines to ensure that the structural configuration parameters are reasonable.

MicroKinetics Benchtop

We are pleased to offer the MicroKinetics CNC Express! This desktop CNC milling machine is designed for precision milling and engraving of metals, plastics, woods, and foams. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use solution for hobbyists, schools, and small businesses.

The CNC Express uses an industry leading custom aluminum bearing system to create incredibly smooth motion with zero backlash. The unique design of this CNC milling machine allows it to be plug-and-play compatible with Windows 10 based computers. With a simple USB cable connection between the computer and the controller box, you can start creating amazing projects today!

StyleCNC 1325

The StyleCNC 1325 4 axis cnc milling machine is designed for foam mold, wood mold, model and other industries. The working table size can be customized as customer’s need.

StyleCNC 1325 4 axis cnc milling machine, also called 4 axis CNC router, is a combination of 3 axis or 2 axis CNC router and A axis rotary. This cnc milling machine can do both rotary and flat carving.

The rotary carving on the material is used to carve round objects such as table legs, column mouldings. The flat carving is used to make cabinet doors, kitchen doors and drawer fronts, solid wood doors and so on.

You can choose different axes for your 4 axis cnc milling machine. There is something for every need. I hope this article helped you with the choice.

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