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The 9 axis cnc milling machine is a new generation of liquid plastic model making tools. More precisely, it is a new kind of high cost-effective model making equipment that can solve the problems in traditional plastic model making by 9 axis simultaneous kinematics technology and advanced control system.

What is a 9-axis CNC milling machine?

9-axis CNC milling machine is the most advanced technology in the field of machining parts. This machine can be used to process more complex parts, and its degree of freedom is higher than that of ordinary five-axis and seven-axis machines. This article mainly introduces the structure and work principle of this machine.

The 9-axis CNC milling machine is actually composed of two milling machines. The first part is a traditional 5-axis CNC milling machine, which has the function of completing the processing on the surface. The second part is a 4 axis lathe to complete the processing inside, but this part does not have traditional lathe turret or tailstock. It consists of two heads which can move at different angles to complete processing from different angles.

Through this combination, it can solve the problem that one CNC milling machine cannot complete the processing inside and outside at one time. It not only saves time for processing, but also improves machining accuracy and efficiency. For example, when an ordinary 5-axis CNC milling machine processes a workpiece with a hollow cavity, after completing the processing at one end, it must remove the tool holder (or change tools).

Applications of a 9 axis CNC milling machine

A 9 axis CNC milling machine is a CNC machine that is capable of moving in nine different axes at the same time. The machine itself can move along three axes, such as X, Y and Z (longitudinal, lateral and vertical). Then it can also rotate in 3 axes, known as the A, B and C axes respectively. Further to this, it can also rotate on two other axes, know as the U and W. These are rotations around the X axis (U) and Y axis (W).

9-axis CNC machines are incredibly versatile and are known for their ability to produce complex parts. While they have been available for decades now, they have only been widely adopted by the manufacturing industry relatively recently. In fact, according to a report by Allied Market Research in 2014, the global 9-axis CNC milling market accounted for $1.3 billion dollars in 2013 and had an expected compound annual growth rate of 5.2% through to 2020.

The Axiom Precision 9-Axis CNC milling machine allows users to create complex parts with a wide range of applications. These include:

* Prosthetics and braces

* Titanium dental implants

* Braces and bands for orthodontics

* Metal parts for mechanical devices

* Components for automobiles, airplanes, and boats

* Spinal implants

* Orthopedic surgical tools

* Maxillofacial surgical instruments

9 axis cnc milling machine

Benefits of a 9 axis CNC milling machine

The 9 axis CNC milling machine is a new generation of high-precision and high-performance machine tool. Its appearance has greatly improved the degree of automation of production, and its machining accuracy has been greatly improved. At the same time, it has also changed the single machining function of some traditional machine tools, and realized multi-function integrated processing. The following detailed description of the 9 axis cnc milling machine:

1. The structure is compact and flexible in operation.

2. The 9 axis cnc milling machine is equipped with automatic tool changer to realize automatic loading and unloading of workpieces during workpiece processing.

3. The 9 axis cnc milling machine can be used for multiple processes of drilling, reaming, boring, tapping, etc., which not only saves space, but also reduces equipment investment costs.

9 axis CNC milling machine cost

1. The most important is the price. There are many companies in the market today, and there are also many different types of products. If you want to buy a 9 axis CNC milling machine, if you want to buy it at a cheap price, then we can tell you that this is impossible.

2. Technical conditions, this point determines the life of CNC milling machine, if we spend too little money to buy CNC milling machine, then its technical conditions will be low and will not last long.

3. After-sales service, after-sales service is very important for some mechanical equipment, because sometimes something goes wrong with the equipment and we need to find someone to solve it.

9-axis CNC milling machine maintenance

The 9-axis CNC milling machine is a precision machine tool with high precision, high efficiency and large cutting volume. It has good processing quality, high processing efficiency and good stability. In order to ensure the machining accuracy of the parts, daily maintenance of the CNC milling machine is necessary.

1. The parts operated by hand should be lightly loaded and slowly moved, without collision or overload.

2. After the machine is out of service for a period of time, it should be cleaned first. If there is dirt on the machine tool guide rail and other places, it should be cleaned in time to avoid affecting the service life of the machine tool guide rail.

3. The grinding wheel must not be used with water, and if it is not possible to install a water tank on the side of the milling head, use a brush with a long handle to dip in water for cleaning; otherwise, excessive water will accumulate on the grinding wheel surface, which will cause one corner of the grinding wheel to wear too much. At this time, use an electric grinder to grind off the uneven part of the edge, and then continue using it after balancing;

4. When using a large diameter grinding wheel, do not use a grinding wheel that is too thin to avoid vibration caused by poor rigidity during processing;

5. When exchanging a new grinding wheel or new abrasive cloth strips, they should be fastened.

Hopefully now you will have a better understanding of what a 9 axis CNC milling machine is and does. I believe that it’s important to understand the individual parts before we get into the whole. With that being said, now we can begin to piece together a well-oiled machine!

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