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Curtain Wall Cnc Machine


The Curtain Wall CNC Machine is a system for cutting sheet metal up to 3cm thick. The machine can work in both the vertical and horizontal axes, and with two different tools. It is used to create parts from sheets of metal that are used in the construction of curtain walls. This machine has been engineered to be used on large construction sites, but it can also be installed in a factory environment.

What is Curtain Wall CNC Machine?

Curtain Wall CNC Machine is a wall formed by a frame and panel, it is one of the major elements of curtain wall construction. It is the part that bears the load and provides protection for the building. Curtain Wall CNC Machine is usually made of aluminum alloy and glass, some people call it glass curtain wall, which can be divided into unitized type, point-supported type, and non-point-supported type.

curtain wall CNC machine
curtain wall CNC machine

Curtain Wall CNC Machine has a long life, low energy consumption, and high environmental protection. Curtain Wall CNC Machine uses an advanced extrusion system to produce profiles with high precision which can ensure good condensate performance. Curtain Wall CNC Machine also has good sealing performance with sound insulation, heat insulation, wind pressure resistance, and water tightness. Curtain Wall CNC Machine has lightweight which can not only improve the loading capacity of buildings but also reduce the cost of building materials.

Therefore, more and more manufacturers begin to adopt aluminum alloy to produce Curtain Wall CNC Machine because it has many advantages. But after all, there are so many manufacturers in the market that choose from so many manufacturers is difficult for them to decide which one is better for them.

CNC cutting aluminum windows and doors, with the edge of all kinds of arc, curve and polygon graphics.

Curtain wall CNC machine is a CNC cutting aluminum windows and doors, with the edge of all kinds of arc, curve, and polygon graphics, characteristic of the full-automatic operation. It can realize the material to load, locate and clamping, automatic cutting, automatic discharge, changing tools automatically, and other functions.

It can achieve continuous processing of straight lines or arcs by setting the multi-cutting path. The cutting path of each head can be set independently and in parallel.

It adopts advanced CNC system control, which can achieve automatic or manual cutting. The main parameters of the machine can be set on the touch screen interface by pressing a few buttons.

The machine is used for aluminum windows and doors processing on industrial production enterprises such as curtain wallboard, the use of high-speed steel cutter processing grooves, the maximum cutting speed of 60m/min, high efficiency.

Automatically adjust toolpath direction according to the inputting graphics direction

The curtain wall CNC machine is mainly used for carving and cutting the aluminum alloy curtain wall material and the aluminum profile. The aluminum curtain wall can be carved into any graphics or text, and it has high production efficiency and good engraving quality.

The features of the curtain wall CNC machine:

1. Automatically adjust toolpath direction according to the direction of the inputting graphics

2. The software can identify the different colors of the picture automatically, which is convenient for users to make a 3D engraving effect

3. Intelligent identification of graphic symbols, automatic completion of repeated actions in one process, such as opening holes

4. When there are multiple parts to be processed at the same time, you can set up a processing procedure in advance to achieve automatic processing

5. Support inner contour cutting function

6. Support file formats: IGS, DWG, DXF, etc

1.2m ,2.0m ,2.5m, 4.0m cutting length optional

Curtain wall CNC machine for cutting aluminum profiles and curtain walls with different specifications.

The CNC curtain wall cutter is easy to operate and widely used in industries such as aluminum production, curtain wall, machinery manufacturing, and other industries.

OMRON PLC control system, Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail, Delta servo motoProduction Description

1. The curtain wall machine is specially designed for processing aluminum alloy curtain wall profiles, and it is also suitable for the cutting of PVC profiles and other profiles.

2. This machine adopts a linear guide rail with a good-quality imported ball screw, which makes cutting precision high; the Delta servo motor ensures high speed and accuracy of cutting.

3. OMRON PLC control system, Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail, Delta servo motor, Schneider electric parts ensure stable performance and a long working lifetime of the machine.

4. The CNC curtain wall machine can cut 45°and 90°angle with high precision.

5. This machine has powerful software compatibility that can support type3/Artcam/Castmate/Ucancam V9 etc software.r, Schneider electric parts

Panasonic Touch Screen with English operation interface

The curtain wall CNC machine is mainly used in the processing of various aluminum profiles, iron materials, and plastic profiles.

Panasonic Touch Screen with English operation interface, simple and easy to learn.

The three axes are all driven by a servo motor to ensure the high precision of finished products.

Good quality gear rack or ball screw transmission ensures high precision and long service life.

The spindle of this curtain wall CNC machine adopts an imported high-power water cooling spindle to ensure high speed, high efficiency, and greatly prolong the service life.

Curtain Wall CNC Machine which is easy to operate and use

The curtain wall CNC machine is mainly used for the manufacturing of aluminum profile curtain walls and window doors. It can also be used for drilling, tapping, milling, reaming, and other processes for various types of aluminum profiles.

Aluminum Profile Curtain Wall CNC Machine Features:

1. Easy to operate and use. A high-definition human-machine interface makes it easy to operate the equipment, realizes automatic processing and storage of all kinds of graphics, and saves the data of common profiles.

2. The updated double-spindle vertical drilling unit design reduces the workpiece clamping times and the overall production efficiency is increased by more than 30%.

3. Fully automatic dust removal device effectively avoids material damage caused by dust sticking during processing;

4. Automatic tool compensation device ensures that the processing accuracy is not affected by any factors;

5. The whole machine is driven by a servo motor to ensure high precision machining;

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