diy desktop cnc laser engraving machine mini desktop engraver mill
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diy desktop cnc laser engraving machine mini desktop engraver mill


I teach you how to build this machine by myself. There are many materials, about $500 for the electric parts and another $500 for the building and pneumatics parts, to attract those who want to go into building their own desktop cnc laser engraving machine from scratch. These main parts are router ,laser diode, power supply and software. I compiled all in this thread, hope can help you to DIY your own mini desktop engraver mill .

Laser Engraving Machine

Laser engraving, which is a subset of laser marking, is the practice of using lasers to engrave an object. Laser marking, on the other hand, is a broader category of methods to leave marks on an object, which also includes color change due to chemical/molecular alteration, charring, foaming, melting, ablation, and more.

The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out, giving it an advantage over alternative engraving technologies where bit heads have to be replaced regularly. The impact of laser engraving has been more pronounced for specially-designed “laserable” materials. These include polymer and novel metal alloys. The term laser marking is also used as a generic term covering a broad spectrum of surfacing techniques including printing, hot-branding and laser bonding.

DIY Desktop CNC Router Milling Machine

In this video, I am making a desktop CNC router milling machine. It works like a 3D printer but with a milling tool. This means that it can be used for cutting and engraving on soft materials like plastics and woods.

Build Steps:

Step 1: Build the Frame

The first step was to make the frame. For this I used 20×20 aluminum extrusions. I cut them to the desired length using my miter saw, and then drilled mounting holes in them using my drill press.

After that I mounted everything together using bolts and nuts and made sure that everything is straight and level.

Step 2: Assemble the Gantry

The gantry is the part that holds the spindle motor. It moves along the X axis and is supported by two linear guides. The guides are held in place by MGN12 linear guide blocks which are mounted on custom made brackets.

Each bracket is made out of 4mm steel plate, cut on my CNC plasma cutter, and then drilled using my drill press.

Step 3: Add the Y Axis Linear Guides

My rods are 300mm long and I am using two per axis. They’re not perfect but they’re what I had on hand, if you want great rods, please check out OpenBuilds!

3 Axis Pcb Milling machine, Wood Carving Engraving Machine

The CNC router is suitable for Industry,Technology Research,Advertising Design,Arts Creation,Teaching,Student Project and Hobby Purposes.

CNC Router is a desktop CNC machine and designed for processing Industrial or Hobby Prototype Building, Building Model Making,PCB,Ads Layout Making,Artwork Etching/Engraving,Aluminum Cutting,Acrylic Engraving/Cutting.

1.The body of the machine is strong enough to keep stable under high speed operation situation.

2.The CNC router adopts the imported linear square orbit and the XYZ axis adopt TBI ball screw to ensure the accuracy of transmission.

3.The spindle adopts water cooling system and the speed can reach 24000r/min to ensure the long time working without stop.

4.The DSP handle controller enables data transfer fastly and reliablely and it can also support offline operation.

with ER11 and 5mm Extension Rod

This spindle set is designed to work with our Proximity Probe Holder [1]. The kit is actually made up of two components: a Nema 17 stepper motor [2] and an ER11 chuck.

The Nema 17 stepper motor provides the torque to spin the chuck and whatever bits you’re using. The ER11 chuck holds your drill bits in place so that they don’t wobble about. We’ve found that the best drill bits for cutting aluminum are 1/8″ end mills, but any bit with a shank diameter of 3.175mm will work.

If you want to use this with our other kits (such as our Arduino CNC Plotter Kit), you’ll need a 5mm extension rod like this one[4]. This will allow you to mount the spindle on top of the plotter instead of inside it, which gives you much more room for experimentation.

diy desktop cnc laser engraving machine mini desktop engraver mill

Mini Laser Engraver Printer, Working Area 150x150mm

The picture is the actual one. Please check it before you buy. Any question, please contact us by email.

The package will be shipped within 1-2 business days after confirmation of your payment. We will ship the item by EMS, USPS or China Post Air Mail and marked as “gift” or “sample” for easy customs clearance and less charge. If you have other requirement, please let us know. We will do our best to meet your need.

We offer ONE YEAR Warranty for this item. (Accessory is excluded).

If you are not satisfied when you receive your item, please return it within 15 days for a replacement or money back. Please contact me before you return it. And buyer pays for the returning fee . If item is defective in 3 months, we will send you a replacement without extra charger, or offer refund after we receive the defective item.

If item is defective after 3 months, you can still send it back to us. We will send you a new one after receiving the defective item. But you have to pay the extra shipping fee.

Our goal is customer satisfaction! Please tell us immediately if you are not satisfied with our product and service.

This laser engraver is a mini desktop laser engraver machine with diy features, you can use it for creative and personal works. The aluminum frame plate is well made to ensure the stability of desktop laser engraving machine and make it more durable. It has high precision motion system to ensure the EMC motion and make the engraving effect more clearly. The machine adopts imported high power laser tube which is reflected from the multi-level reflecting mirrors, allowing the laser tube output bright light energy and cut lines with high efficiency. So if you want to enjoy a stable and durable cnc machine, you should choose this diy desktop cnc laser engraver mill kit.

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