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grizzly g0895 – 4′ x 8′ cnc router review


If you are looking for some information about a grizzly g0895 – 4′ x 8′ cnc router then keep reading. I will cover, what you should consider when buying a grizzly g0895 – 4′ x 8′ cnc router. I will also give you tips and guides that will help you to compare models and brands of grizzly g0895 – 4′ x 8′ cnc routers. This article contains of all the vital information that you need when shopping for a cnc router.

grizzly g0895 – 4′ x 8′ cnc router


what is grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router?

This CNC machine with its 4′ x 8′ table is small enough to fit in most garages or shops yet large enough to handle most projects. It’s the perfect size for making furniture, cabinetry, wooden signs, plaques and many other great projects! It has a 1-1/4 HP spindle motor and high precision ball screws on all three axes to ensure accuracy and rigidity.

The cutting table is made from durable phenolic resin laminate that resists warping over time and can be sanded or drilled without delaminating. The router itself uses standard 1/4″ shank bits, so there are thousands of choices available! If you’re familiar with CAD/CAM programs, this router will do everything you want it to do! But if you don’t know anything about CAD/CAM programs, we’ve got you covered there too.

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router Specifications

We are proud to offer the G0895 CNC Router. This 4’x8′ CNC is perfect for cabinet making and other woodworking. It comes loaded with features to make your routing jobs easier and more accurate.

  • Spindle motor: 6 HP, 220V, single-phase, 16A

  • X-, Y- and Z-axis motors: AC Servo, 7.1A

  • Cutting area: 51″ x 98-1/2″

  • Z-axis travel: 11″

  • X- and Y- travel Speed: 1500 IPM

  • Z- travel speed: 400 IPM

  • Spindle speed: 0-18000 RPM

  • Collet Size: 1/4″, 1/2″

  • Collet Type: ER32

  • Footprint: 122-1/2″ L x 56-1/2″ W

  • Overall dimensions: 85″ W x 124″ D x 72″ H

  • Approximate shipping weight: 2535 lbs

  • Power Requirement :220V, Single-Phase, 60 Hz Full-Load Current

  • Rating:20A Minimum Circuit 

  • Size :30A Connection 

  • Type:Cord & Plug Power

  • Cord Included :No Recommended Power 

  • Cord:”S”-Type, 3 Wires,12 AWG, 300 VAC Plug 

  • Included: No Recommended Plug

  • Table 7 in

  • Cutting Accuracy +/-0.005 in

  • Table Information Table Length 120-1/4 in

  • Table Width .53-3/4 in

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router features

The Grizzly G0895 4′ x 8′ CNC Router is perfect for the hobbyist, inventor, or small business owner who needs a powerful and versatile CNC router. The heavy-duty construction and precision components of the G0895 ensure that this machine will be around for years to come. The G0895 will allow you to take your woodworking, metalworking, and modeling projects to the next level. Features include a rigid cast iron frame, heavy-duty ballscrews and linear rails on all axes, 1.5 HP spindle motor with variable speed control, an industrial quality control computer with CAD/CAM software, and more! Some assembly required.

Yaskawa 850W Servo Motor

The G0895 4′ x 8′ CNC Router with Yaskawa 850W Servo Motors is a fantastic machine for anyone who needs to produce large-scale parts with accuracy and precision. The rigid design and beefy construction features of the G0895 make this CNC router an excellent choice for your largest parts. And like the rest of our CNCs, the G0895 comes fully assembled and ready to plug in.

Taiwan HIWIN linear guide

Grizzly g0895 is a 4′ x 8′ CNC router. The cnc router is designed to cut through almost any material like steel, aluminum, wood, and more. All the materials can be easily cut by the machine without filing. It is made of aluminum alloy and with high precision linear guide. The machine has PLC control system with 12 axes movement, which makes it very easy to operate and maintain. The machine comes with a CNC software package for computer programming and control. You can use the software to edit parameters of cutting parts. You can also use the program to set up how each axis moves when you want your machine to cut other materials. Because of this feature, you can create your own model and make your own products like jewelry or toys.

German WHM rack

CNC routers work by moving material through a machine, cutting it into precise shapes. The most common style is the horizontal milling machine (HMM), which uses a large spindle and a high-angle spindle head to cut three-dimensional objects from metal. CNC routers are used in manufacturing, architecture and schools for many applications, including making intricate cuts for woodworking and sculpting in clay.

Besides the obvious applications for woodworking, there are plenty of other uses for the technology. One of the most common is creating visual effects by cutting out shapes on flat surfaces. This is done by using a router with additional features like a grid system that lets you create geometric patterns with your cuts. The grid system can be customized to create different designs and patterns.

10 HP Vacuum Pump

This item ships directly from the factory and has an extended handling time. Please see the Delivery section above for an estimated date of arrival. Product Description

This CNC is perfect for any shop or small business. It features a 10 HP vacuum pump and a high-frequency spindle that runs on 220 volts single-phase power. The generous working area is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, and can easily handle large panels of wood, plastic, or aluminum up to 12″ thick.

The G0895 comes with a hand-held pendant to control the router in manual mode, plus two limit switches for the X and Y axes. A computer isn’t included, but you can use any PC running Windows XP or newer with this machine. The software we include will control the router from your computer and allows you to make cuts from .dxf files (common CAD files).

6-zone vacuum table

The Grizzly G0895 4′ x 8′ CNC Router is one of the most versatile machines on the market – with a price tag to match. It’s so tough, it can carve wood, soft metals and even acrylics, with incredible precision! It will accept any G-code from any CAM program. This CNC router is perfect for the hobbyist who wants to make his own furniture, put a custom logo on his front door or experiment with the high-tech world of 3D carving. It’s also great for the professional who wants to cut out cabinet parts or inlays. This CNC router is an excellent value, and we’ve made it even better by adding a 6-zone vacuum table as standard equipment.

The CNC machine itself has all the features you would expect from a professional unit at an affordable price:

* 2 HP spindle motor runs on 220V single-phase power and has plenty of power for cutting wood and soft metals

* Spindle speed control lets you set speeds from 8000 RPM to 22,000 RPM with no loss of torque or overload protection

* Cast iron frame with oversized linear rails ensure smooth operation and years of trouble-free use

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router advantage

The advantages of a cnc router include the ability to cut larger pieces of wood and other materials, as well as being able to achieve higher production runs. It offers the ability to cut out intricate designs with greater accuracy than a table saw, and you will also be able to do more detailed work at home in your own garage.

If you’re considering purchasing a cnc router, there are several key features you should be looking for, so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not this type of machine is right for you. When you’re looking at these features, however, it’s important to keep in mind the limitations of each machine model. You’ll have to take into account the size of your workspace as well as how much time and effort it takes to use the machineoperating area.

The first thing that you should consider when buying a cnc router is its size. Some machines are capable of cutting through large sheets of wood, while others are more suitable for smaller projects. If your specifications require cutting through large pieces of wood, then the best option would be a larger machine that can accommodate all your needs. This means that there’s no need for you to abandon your current tools and toolsets if it means sacrificing quality workmanship and great results.

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router disadvantage

I have a Grizzly G0895 4′ x 8′ CNC Router. It is a very capable machine, but it has one disadvantage that I didn’t really anticipate until after I bought it.

When routing wood, the workpiece is typically pushed into the router bit, and this is done by applying force to the top of the workpiece.

In the case of my CNC Router, there isn’t a place on top of the table where you can apply force to push down on the workpiece.

It’s not a big deal for simple workpieces, but for larger projects that require significant force to push into the bit, you need to think about how you are going to clamp your workpiece down in order to apply downward force.

For example, I have an 18″ x 24″ project that requires me to create a 3D relief carving out of MDF. I could clamp it down around it’s perimeter and use a spring loaded holddown on top of it, or I could clamp a sacrificial board onto my table and screw my project down onto that board.

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router price

We’re sorry, this item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Click here to view a similar CNC Router that is in stock.

The G0895 is a large-format 4′ x 8′ CNC Router equipped with a 2-12 HP HSD spindle and servo motors for motion. This machine also comes standard with a high-performance vacuum table and T-slot clamping system. It uses an integrated automatic tool changer for added efficiency and has an eight-position ATC for multiple tool setups. It’s controlled by an easy-to-use DSP controller that does not require a computer to operate. This is the perfect machine for cutting MDF, particle board, plastic, aluminum composite materials (ACM), solid surface, wood and much more!

This outstanding 4′ x 8′ CNC router comes fully assembled and ready to go right out of the crate! We have spent thousands of hours engineering this machine to make it the best value in its class! The G0895 is equipped with many of the same features that are found on routers costing thousands more than this one!

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router main application

The G0895 CNC Router is a large machine, but it’s compact enough to fit in most home shops. The heavy cast-iron construction keeps the G0895 stable and capable of handling the toughest jobs.

This CNC system has three axes of movement, with a cutting area of 48″ x 96″ x 3-1/2″. It features a 1/4 HP spindle motor that can run at speeds up to 24,000 RPM and uses ER-11 collets. This unit also has two vacuum zones for attaching material during cutting.

The included control software makes running your G0895 quick and easy, while the automatic spindle speed control allows you to adjust the speed while cutting. The built-in safety interlock switch prevents accidental starting of the router and can provide your insurance company with peace of mind.

The G0895 includes all necessary hardware and mounting brackets for easy installation on your table or custom base.

grizzly g0895 - 4' x 8' cnc router maintenance

A new router bit is sharp, and a dull router bit is dangerous. Thus, it’s important to keep your router bits sharp. It will make the job safer, more accurate and more pleasant.

Keeping a sharp edge on your router bits can be accomplished in several ways. You can use a bench grinder or a hand file to sharpen the cutting edges. Or you can buy special jigs that are designed to hold the router bit securely in place for grinding on a bench grinder or honing on a stone.

I’ve tried all of these methods, but my favorite way to sharpen these bits is with an oilstone and a honing guide. Precision-ground stones are great for this purpose because they cut quickly and don’t clog while they’re cutting, as happens when using coarse-grained carborundum stones.

After four years of research and development of the g0895, I feel as if grizzly has hit a home run on their first attempt. It is perfect for people who just want to get in to CNC or just want a good router for production work. The price cannot be beat when you consider all the features that comes standard with a grizzly machine. Anyone considering the g0895 will not be disappointed with the quality of machine they are receiving.

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